(Edited to add photo) My wonderful DH found the inspiration photo for the piece. This is one of the many photos of bark that I have which inpired the piece below.

Here is my second homework piece for my machine embroidery class. It is based on a photo of bark that I have in my studio journal. I thought I had the photo of the original bark somewhere on the computer but can I find it??? Oh well. This is done with fused applique, with many layers of fabric and stitching. I used oil paint sticks to color most of the fabric. It’s a mistake to use oil paint sticks with multiple layers. It’s hard to stitch. I should have remembered that from my try of oil paint stick colored bowls before Christmas. But no!

Here’s a few close ups.

I even did a whipped mossing stitch in black ala Ken Smith in a recent WOW workshop on machine embroidery. I really like how that stitch came out. Now only one homework assignment left.

4 thoughts on “Bark

  1. Just wonderful Ruth – the colours are amazing. What bark is it – what tree is the bark from? I’m referring to your work as wonderful, but so is the bark!

  2. Great example of the mossing stitch Ruth. I have also done a workshop with Ken Smith, he has beautiful work. Thanks for the comment on my page I appreciate the feedback. Emma from Brisbane

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