Blue Friday

This is my blue postcard. It really doesn’t look very blue here but the camera seemed to turn it very purple. Read purple as navy blue. I stenciled the nautilus on painted fusible interfacing and then stitched. I added the sea weed with the needle felting machine. The nautilus looked kind of lonely by itself. I don’t usually use a lot of blue but that was the theme.

Here’s a closer look.

Blue again?? This is my first ATC I’ve ever made. It’s based on frost on a window.

Here is my leaf for the Fiber Collaborative Tree Project.
They are making a full size fiber tree in Alabama and would like to have fiber leaves from throughout the world. If you’re interested, take a look at the link. Mine is off in the mail on Monday.
I finally started working on my silk screen that I got last fall. I am going to do some deconstructive screen printing. I am experimenting with acid dyes with this and I’m going to try and print on my felt. We’ll see how that goes. The only directions I’ve seen are done with cotton and fiber reactive dyes. But I think it will work and the unevenness of the felt should just add another variable to the unpredictability of this type of screen printing. More on this later.
I also made some silk fused paper to make some bowls. You’ll have to wait to see these as one is for a gift for someone who reads this blog so it will be a secret until they receive it. But I’ve been busy today playing with fiber.

3 thoughts on “Blue Friday

  1. Hi, your the winner of Tricia’s challenge – and that is very right. You did a good job – the lines of the frost on the window turned out beautifull. I wasn’t aware of your blog, but found i trough another one. succes with your next trial with Tricia, greetings DOrie

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