November TIF

Here is my November TIF piece. It is 4″x6″ and is going to be used for a “green” postcard exchange in December as well. Two projects in one or how to save time during a busy holiday season. This month’s challenge was to use typography as design. I had a hard time getting enthused about this one. This piece has several layers and I originally planned to use some amorphous “letters” that I had stitched into some green organza but I didn’t like it. So I added a layer of very light green silk hankie which looks white in the photo. And then added a large letter with stitch on dissolving fabric. Did you figure out the letter?

How about now? I was going to try and do the full word Green with a kind of optical illusion emphasizing the negative space around the type but the idea just didn’t pan out as I wanted it to. So I kind of just winged it as I needed to finish.

Here’s a close up view. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving next week.

5 thoughts on “November TIF

  1. i wasnt very inspred by this months topic – but youve done a great job. and a two for one job is always good. I had the same sheep drowning in bathtub experience, but in my case it was alpaca. even though the fleece was free – next time Ill pay for clean rovings.

  2. I just got through spinning alpaca before washing it, then washing as a yarn. I have another fleece I will do the oppposite, it is a bit of a pain, isn’t it? Oh well, they are lovely fleeces, well worth the trouble. It is alot easier though to pay more and get clean fleece. Hmm, less money per pound means more money to spend on, lets see, more fleece!

  3. I really like the way your tree stories look – good luck to you with their entries! I think the letter is….G and the font is Mistral, or something swishy like that. G is for Grover, and grumpy and group and (ok, I’ll stop now!)

  4. Good job combining the two projects into one! I tried to do that but failed this time around. In the beginning I wasn’t all that enthused about this challenge either. In the end I thoroughly enjoyed myself ;- )

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