More Quilts, TIF October and Update on Tree Series

The October TIF challenge is to consider your workspace, how you feel about it and what role it plays in your life. My space is one of our guest bedrooms. So it has to have a bed. I would love for it to have a large work table instead of a bed but I make do. This photo shows my sewing machine corner. The bed is always a mess but I try to keep my other areas fairly neat.

This is my needle felting machine corner with roving, wool, yarn, and silk stored above. The cabinet is also full of scrap material.

This shows more of the messy bed and the storage of my paper type supplies, paint and whatever else I can shove on to the shelves. You can tell me space isn’t very big as the ironing board is on all the photos. I use the ironing board as a work surface most of the time while in my room. But I do all my dyeing, painting, messy work etc. in the kitchen. I didn’t take photos of my dye supplies there. Plus we hardly ever eat at the table as it always has my stuff laying all over it. I have started a piece that conveys my feelings about my work space and it should be completed tomorrow with any luck.

This is part of Tree Stories II. I completed Tree Stories I today. I just need to put a label on it and it’s complete. I have to write an artist statement and explanation of the use of the salvaged fabrics before I send in a photo. I’m entering both of these into a quilt and gallery showing which will be held in 2009. Wish me luck with my first ever entry.

Here are more quilts from the LaConner Quilt Museum show of SiX Stories. This show was the reason I wanted to go to the museum. I enjoyed the rest of the museum but this was my favorite part. This quilt is by Edwina Mackinnon and is called Secret Garden. It has a transparent section and is hung in front of a window so the light shines through.

Books 1, 3 & 4 by Bobby Britnell

Hunter in Disguise by Catherine Nicholls
Shaman by Marie Roper

The Trickster’s Prize Laura Kemshall

Golden Tulips by Linda Kemshall
I took a lot more photos but won’t subject you to any more. I have the book “The Painted Quilt” by the Kemshalls and it was really great to be able to see the quilts in person and work out what techniques were used. If you’re ever in LaConner, WA you should stop by the museum and see what show they have going. SiX Stories is showing until Dec. 28th.

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