I’m Back!

I’m back from vacation and had this lovely autumn postcard waiting for me from Laura K of Stitchin’ Fingers Postcard group. Thanks Laura!

We had a great time on vacation, traveling from Montana out to the Washington coast and back. This is behind the hotel where we stayed in Everett and they’ve put various artwork on the freeway walls/edges. They were all different but this was the only one I could get a photo of. The rest we were rushing by on the freeway and I didn’t have the camera ready. I thought these would make nice stencils though.

We visited the Quilt and Textile Museum in La Conner, WA. It was wonderful. I took lots of photos and will post more photos over the next several weeks. This is “Pine” by Joan Colvin.

This is “Spirit of La Conner” by Kathy McNeil. There were two shows, SiX Stories with 5 UK and 1 BC quilt artists and Traditional Piecing with Ethnic and Hand-designed Fabrics by Reynola Pakysich. So more on those later.

This was the phone booth in the Hoh Rain forest. It rained the whole time we were there. So many shades of green and everything was growing, growing, growing… I felt like I would be covered with moss if I stood still for more than five minutes. I did quite a bit of hand embroidery on my “Tree Story” piece while in the car. I tried to take some close up photos to show you but it was too dark by the time I got around to taking photos. I also started “Tree Story 2” today and got quite a bit done. So more photos next time.

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