Slime and Iris

Meet Slime, the swamp monster. He is needle felted sculpture that has been a WISP since last October. He was supposed to be completed for a Halloween challenge but perhaps he only wanted to come out for Memorial Day.

He’s all wool which I dyed. He thinks he’s on a calendar for all those lonely female swamp monsters. So he’s posing in a provocative way.

Here’s a closeup of his face.

Here’s my finished iris piece. This isn’t the best of photos. I stitched the silk iris on the background and did some stitching highlights. I didn’t think the iris were highlighted enough so I added a little pearlescent white paint to high light the iris.

Here is a closeup of the iris with the bud.

And the other iris. I needle felted the stems in place. Now I have to decide how to hang/frame. Perhaps a shadow box.

6 thoughts on “Slime and Iris

  1. these are both great. The monster has heaps of personality and the irises are beautiful – my favourite colours

  2. ‘Slime’ is brilliant, love his provocative pose – he needs a lady friend now :))And the iris piece is another wonderful creation. A shadow box will show it off to perfection.

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