A Purple Bag for My Workbook

I finished the purple bag that I’m planning to use for my workbook. I end up not taking the workbook with me because I don’t carry a purse. Then I’m sorry I didn’t take it because inspiration seems to pop up at the oddest moments. I need to make a pencil case now so my pencils won’t poke through the felt.

I tried a different FME pattern this time. It’s leaves which you can see in this close up.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I’m not a mother but I count my two dogs as children (sad isn’t it?). Anyway – I hope you had a grand day.

Sharon B. raised an interesting question on her blog about women wanting to break all the rules when doing artwork. I know that for myself I think that fiber art is freeing because I feel able to break the rules. One reason I think I don’t like regular quilting is due to having to follow all the patterns and rules etc. My creativity is much more stimulated by doing things that don’t have so many rules. I think that everyone has creativity but so many “rules” are put on them by society, their jobs, their parents etc. that many people never allow that side of themselves to be free. That is sad and what are we losing as a society by stifling all that creativity?

2 thoughts on “A Purple Bag for My Workbook

  1. yes I agree but what I find even more interesting is when people impose rules on themselves – sometimes with a self destructive outcome other times with a postive one

  2. Thanks for the comment Sharon – I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to impose anymore rules on themselves. Perhaps that is in response to societal upbringing and fear of what will happen if there are “no rules”.

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