April TIF a Bit Late and Self Portrait

I’m a bit late with my April TIF. I have sewn all the parts together and went around all the edges again to give the edge a bit more definition.

I then cut out a mat board to size and painted it green. I haven’t attached the piece to the mat board yet. I am still trying to decide if I want to do more with the mat board. I was thinking of mottling the paint and adding some pieces of green papers to match the technique I started with but was unsure if it would take away from the work on the piece. So what do you think, should the backing just be plain or more collaged? A note on May TIF – aaaaaaaaahhhhh…. What do you call yourself and why? I think I may work on an artist statement and business cards etc. for this month. Currently, I don’t really have anything that explains what I do and it would certainly be more professional to have all this done. So that’s what I’ll be doing for the May TIF.

I started working on improving my drawing techniques about 6 weeks ago with the help of a drawing book. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to draw and sketch but I’ve been trying to do 1-2 sketches per week. I got up to the portrait drawing part of the book and it suggests you do a self portrait thus allowing you lots of time to stare at your model. So here it is – my sketched self portrait. When I showed it to DH, he said “Oh, you drew a picture of yourself”. So I guess it looks like me. The nose is a bit off and there seem to be fewer wrinkles in the drawing than are really on my face – I guess that’s artistic license. ;0)

2 thoughts on “April TIF a Bit Late and Self Portrait

  1. love the April TIF. my sense would be a complex mat would draw one’s eye away form your beautiful work, but when in doubt, give it a try… there’s always the other side of the mat board if you want to back track again 🙂

  2. Its nice to put a face to the name 🙂 Practising your drawing skills is certainly paying off – its really quite good, especially around the eye area. Are you using the ‘right side of the brain book’?

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