April TIF Progress

Here is the base that I made for TIF. It is fabric paper made with paper towels that I’ve used to clean up from other projects. The base is mainly green and then I cut out lowercase delta symbols in the red/orange and put them on top of the green. I let that dry and then cut it up into various pieces.

Each piece was then “changed” with different techniques. This one was printed with bubble wrap and orange paint. I then hand stitched around the resultant circles.

This one was covered with brown netting. All of them have been edged with zig zag in tangerine thread.

This one I tried to monoprint but didn’t like the results. Then I used an orange crayon to do a rubbing on a texture plate. Then I added some of the inside circles from the cut out delta symbols and then free motion embroidered over the top.

This is a closeup.

This one I added threads and scrap pieces of fabric and then covered with green organza.

This one is free motion embroidered in green.

This was two pieces. The first piece I embellished with yarns and wool from the back but I didn’t really like it. So I cut it into strips and weaved with another piece that was cut into strips. I added some yarns and ribbon tape in the weaving. I then fused to green organza and used the automatic pattern on the machine to sew some of the strips.

Here’s a close up.

This one is embellished with silk cocoons and eyelash yarn.

This one is embellished with green and orange wool.

This one is hand stitched.

Here’s a close up.

Now to decide which layout I like. I’m going to put the all back together and attach. I haven’t decided about backing yet. Here’s one layout.

Here’s another layout. The size of this piece is going to end up being 12-15″ by 15-18″ depending on the layout.

I kind of like this layout with the holes in between. Which do you think works best? I’m sure I’ll move them around many more times before I decide.

7 thoughts on “April TIF Progress

  1. Ruth, I really like the way you are changing each piece in a different way. A very inspired way to illustrate the concept of change! As to your layouts – I like the second one, too. But it could be because of the lighter background. Have you tried the first layout on the pale background?

  2. Ruth, you have come up with some amazing pieces yet again. They are all marvellous. I like the second layout best and I think what I like most about it is the two pieces which have ‘dangly bits’ i.e. the silk cocoons and the wool are at the top and bottom of the piece – sort of balances it out.And I just love the cocoon one, the red and the green together look fantastic.

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