Thanks, Another Journal and April TIFC

First, I keep forgetting to say thank you for all your lovely comments. Also, a while back Annica nominated me for an inspiring blog award. Thanks Annica! It’s so nice to know that someone is taking a look at what I’m doing. I didn’t pass on the award because most of the people have already been nominated more than once and I admire so many blogs, it is hard to choose. So if you’re reading this, consider yourself nominated. I did have a question about my forest floor piece and what size it was. It is 8″x12″. OK, on to what I’ve been working on. Above is the result from the second lesson of my journal making course by Sue B. It is a sketchbook. I tried a technique in this month’s QA for edging. I did a zigzag around the edge first, then added a couched yarn around the edge with further zigzag. It turned out much smoother than previous efforts at plain satin stitch and really helped on turning corners.

Here’s the inside left cover with my drawing supplies.

And the inside right cover with my watercolor supplies and a few extra drawing tools. I am currently working on improving my drawing skills. I got a book from the library called “Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner” by Claire Watson Garcia. I highly recommend this book. I fit the category for this book perfectly but even after only a couple of weeks of working, I feel that I can draw much better. When I get brave, I’ll show you one of my sketches.

April TIF is about change. I don’t normally look at the header of my blog, but for some reason after my last post, I looked at it. LOL – the title of my blog means change or transformation. So I guess this category fits. Anyway, above is my start on the “change” design. I’ve taken the lowercase delta sign in orange and put it on a lime green background. The Greek lowercase delta is used to signify infinitesimal change in mathematics. These colors seemed nice and springy and I’m looking forward to a spring renewal any day now.

A closeup of my paper design. I was planning on taking this design, cutting it up and using different techniques to change each square. Then sewing the whole piece back together. The idea was to work in fabric, but I didn’t want to go and buy anything new. So I searched high and low and I have no fabric in these colors. So I looked further and found my paper towel “paint/dye rags” and I have several that fit the color scheme. So I’ve started with those and I plan to now make paper fabric out of those with muslin backing. Then I’ll continue along the same plan.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Another Journal and April TIFC

  1. Lovely journal Ruth and I like the customised pockets. The edging looks great – I must try that one.Your idea for the TIF challenge is a good one, look forward to seeing your progress with this.

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