Odds & Ends Plus March TIF Completed

Here are the ten felted bead barrettes after being sprayed with polyurethane. I wanted to seal them a bit so they could stand a little harder wear and tear.

Here’s a felted bag that I made for my friend’s B-day yesterday. It’s wet felted, free motion stitched with a machine stitched cord and then sewn together.

Here’s a blurry close up photo of the “button” that I made from a wrapped pipe cleaner.

This is one of the gifts that I gave out for my blogiverssary contest I had in January. It’s a photo album with a needle felted face on the front.

Here’s another of the blogiverssary gifts. It’s a felted bag that has been free motion stitched with an antique button and an embellished then stitched cord.

And last but not least, my completed March TIF. I just received the first lesson from a course on how to make journals by Sue Bleiweiss that I’m taking. What fun! That’s what I’ll be working on next.

11 thoughts on “Odds & Ends Plus March TIF Completed

  1. What a lovely piece! I love your inspiration and how it turned out. I thought at first that your needles were actual wood until I read the first post. Very beautiful. Love the bag as well!

  2. Where to start? It’s all lovely! Your TIF piece turned out fantastic. You really captured the feel of the photo. The barrettes are really cute. I bet they will sell quickly!

  3. I really like this months Tif, it is very serene. What size is it? At first I thought that it was broach size, but then I thought it was too detailed to be that small, so please, do tell, what aize?Enjoy Sue’s class, I thought about taking it, but I taking a gourd class starting the 3rd, so…not this time.

  4. And that album with the felted face is all MINE!….*S*If I had a blog, I would have been posting about it. So I’m glad you did it here.Altho, I did remark in my note of thx that a couple of my younger grandkids might be a tad worried by the look of that guy. *L*

  5. Wow! the possibilities of felt! I love both of the bags… The one with the beautiful warm tones is so vibrant… and the earthy tones and stitching of the 2nd one are just stunning! namaste Elis

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