TIF and Completed Barrette

I’ve been trying to blog for several days but I’ve been having trouble uploading any photos. So, I finally got the photos so here we go. This is my workbook for TIF. The subject for March is “look at the details”. I’ve been taking photos of what I’ve been calling the “forest floor” for some time now. I have wanted to start working on a series of fiber art with this idea in mind. So this is the perfect opportunity because I wanted to take a detailed look at the forest floor. So I did some sketches from one of my photos. You may think that the colored part of the page on the left side is some kind of paint technique. Actually, I was carrying the photo in the workbook and it got wet and leaked on my page. Perhaps I should try that on fabric – a new transfer technique invented LOL!

This is a not so good photo of my idea for the piece, which is to needlefelt/embellish a background and then use blowups of the photo printed on fabric and attached to the background.

Here’s the inspirational photo. I have tons of these types of photos and may combine pieces of several different ones. These were all taken in the woods around my house last summer. I love different kinds of moss and fungi. It always reminds me of a miniature world. Do you see the little elves hiding?

This is a finished barrette that I made from felt beads that I blogged about earlier.

Here’s a side view. I am planning on making quite a few of these in various colors to sell at the store. We’ll see how that goes.

4 thoughts on “TIF and Completed Barrette

  1. I love what you are doing with felting. It is such a fun and versatile medium. I love how original everyone’s work is. Good to find more people sharing their creations online.I am fairly new to felting and blogging. I have a pic. of my first felted piece on my blog. I am currently working on more.artwithinme.blogspot.com

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