Padfolio and February TIFC

Here’s a padfolio that I made for a donation for a group I belong to. It will be in a silent auction. The free tutorial for this is at Fibre and Stitch.

Here’s the back.

And the inside.

On to February TIFC. I decided that what I remembered was the 60’s in general and I wanted to do something to represent that. So I drew “tie dye” in my workbook.

And then I found this photo on the web with overlapping circles in a variety of colors. So I thought that I could do that with peace signs on sheers. That way they could overlap, with varying amounts of stitch but you could still be able to see through to the tie dye base. Perhaps a bit cliche but I don’t think the peace signs will be too evident once I’ve got them all on there.

So today, I tie dyed a piece of habatoi silk. The reason I used silk is because I only have acid dyes which don’t work on cotton. I did two pieces but the other piece was a flop with too much white. But I’ll use that for something else I’m sure.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon stamping sheers with a gradation of sizes of peace signs in different colors.

Then 5 different ones done with monoprinting and a paper mask for the peace sign. These will be on the top of all the other layered sheers. So now on to arranging the sheers, sewing them on, deciding if I’ll burn some back or not. Very different sort of piece for me and nothing I would have considered without the challenge. I’m interested to see how it will come out. Next week, I’m off to Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA. It’s a buying trip for the store. I’m going to hopefully get together with Vicki while I’m in Richmond. So I probably won’t be posting next week.

5 thoughts on “Padfolio and February TIFC

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy. The fabrics on the padfolio are lovely. I’ve always like the look of tie dyes. I think it was the bright fun colors that got me. Vicki is a hoot, have fun!

  2. I’m excited about your Feb. TIF piece! I almost did a ’60’s theme, but settled on an entirely different memory to illustrate. Your piece will be fun to follow! I love your sketches and the hand-dyed silk!

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