January TIF – Passion and Grace

In admiration of all women
who live a life filled
with passion and grace.

It’s finally finished! The front at least – I am planning on making a backing but didn’t have time to get that done. I’ll finish it up tomorrow. But it is still January here in Montana, although the February challenge is already been posted (more on that later). You can see most of my processes on previous posts. I hand stitched the celtic knots and machine stitched the central copper motif to the felted background. I did use heat, black acrylic paint and cranberry alcohol ink on the copper.

This is a closeup of the central copper piece. But you can’t see much of the distressing somehow. It disappeared in the shine of the metal. It shows better above. The triple spiral stands for female power through transition and growth and the celtic knots stand for the never ending cycle of life.

This lower portion is meant to show the chaos of what life is really like with hanging threads and distorted knots. As you move up the piece, the chaos is made more orderly by the passionate woman who is determined to continue to strive towards perfection.

11 thoughts on “January TIF – Passion and Grace

  1. however, the passionate woman in her evolution towards perfection is aware that she is only human. The borders attest to that and give the work some sort of sweetness(methinks)Love the way you brought together this piece!neki desu

  2. That is a wonderfully thought out and worked piece Ruth. I love the way you have those little hanging cords and the straggly knots at the bottom then evolving to perfection at the top.

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