TIF Challenge Work

I started working in my sketchbook today on the TIF challenge. I listed the qualities that I admire in others. I had put a wash of red watercolor on the page last night just so I wouldn’t feel nervous about a blank page. I put in some of the symbols that I had researched on the web for the various qualities.

I then took the symbolism of colors that I had found and wrote the words in the correct colors. At the bottom of the page is a sketch of a pink rose which stands for admiration. But nothing was really creating any sparks for me.

I tried a little sketch of a combination of symbols in a human figure sort of form. My admirable woman – but again, I was unimpressed.

Then I did some doodling of the various symbols. I kind of like the stylized hearts for passion. And I do admire people who are passionate about their life and what they do. I’ve always felt that was lacking in my life but perhaps I can now say I’m passionate about fiber art. While I was doodling, I thought of celtic symbolism. I’ve always admired celtic art, music and culture. So I did a bit more research online. Most of the celtic symbols don’t have specific meanings because the Druids didn’t believe in recording sacred things on paper. But that somehow doesn’t bother me too much. The general meanings will still work for me.

The 3 headed spiral is for female power through transition and growth. The celtic knot represents eternity – the eternity of life, the eternity of nature and the eternity of love. It can also mean the connection of mind, body and spirit. So I think I can go somewhere with celtic symbolism. I’ve got several ideas growing from this. I’m happy with how this process worked. I think from now on I’ll call my sketchbook an “Idea” book. It’s less intimidating that way and I don’t feel it needs to look perfect. It’s late, so more later.

7 thoughts on “TIF Challenge Work

  1. Ooh, it looks like you are having a lot of fun with this; and you haven’t even got out your fibres and threads yet! I love your idea of looking at symbols for the characteristics you sdmire. Jocelyn in NZhttp://pinsneedles.wordpress.com/

  2. Barbara,If you happen to look back here again. Thanks for the comments. I’ve tried to put a comment on your blog but it won’t work for me right now. I think your sketch looks like a great start. This challenge is so wonderful in that I get to see so many people’s work that I otherwise might have missed.

  3. love the idea of renaming the journal/sketchbook. There is so much baggage to get over sometimes when we have an image tied to the name….Your doodles and meandering thoughts on this challenge are interesting to follow… I’m always worried about getting “too far” from the original idea to simply follow the thought train, but you’re inspiring me to give it a try.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing the way you’re developing ideas, filtering, branching – this challenge is proving an incredible insight into design processes. I like the ‘ideas book’ thought too.

  5. I like your idea and the process that led up to it. Thanks for sharing your ‘idea book’, I am enjoying the journeys people are taking with this challenge – bhut I’m spending more time looking at what other people have done than developing my own!

  6. Well, Ruth, I can honestly say that I love the process that you show of how you came to you Tif challenge.As I said before, I love anything Celtic. My Grandparents were from Ireland so I obviously feel a connection there.I can’t believe that you worked so hard on this piece, if anyone should have admiration it should be for you for all the hard work and thought that went into it. I love the end result and I am certainly looking forward to seeing how you do your postcard. I think it’s going to be great. Tricia

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