Knitting Fragments

First things first, I don’t knit. All of these pieces were knit by someone else. One is a scarf that I got from the LYS for free and the other bits are by my friend Barb. She wanted to see how they would look if I needle felted them to a background. The background is a grey commerical felt with Icelandic wool needlefelted on top. Then I added the knitting fragments and needle felted from both sides. I am going to make Barb a knitting needle case for Christmas. I am planning on adding some FME but haven’t decided exactly what I want to do. Don’t have much time left, do I?

Closeup (fuzzy, sorry!)

More closeups…

Still more…

And the last bit – this is from the scarf.

One thought on “Knitting Fragments

  1. hi,found you via Annica’s blog.this exercise is really interesting! i was given a knitting machine and i’m teaching myself to knit with the idea of incorporating the knitting to fabric. Thanks for the inspiration.neki desu

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