Couple of Cards

I finished a few more of the greeting cards that I posted about previously. I get them set up ahead of time but when I start stitching the plan sometimes changes.

Card Components


I had planned on doing automatic stitching on this card but then I thought that it looked like a tree trunk on the right. So instead, I did some free motion stitching and removed the blue-green silk pieces.

Free Motion Sketched Tree


This is the result.  I might need to add a bit more dark thread but held up close, as you would a card, it looks fine.



Next I worked on the one on the right. It had some felt but those spare pieces of blue-green silk went so well…

Blue Green Card


Here’s the end result. I don’t usually baste or fuse down my fabrics on these cards, I just stitch over them. Sometimes things get a bit wonky but that’s OK. I’m working on not having to have everything “perfect”.