Birthday Gifts

For my birthday this year I asked for stencils and art supplies. I got the stencils from Stencil Girl Products. They have some great stencils there. I decided to get ones that were really complex and mainly repeating type patterns that I wouldn’t cut myself.

Small Commercial Stencils - Corrugated Lines, Tide Pool, Ripples, Nested Squares Full, Mixed GridThese are the 6″x 6″ ones that I got.

And these are the 9″x 12″ ones.

And here are the results of printing on sketchbook pages that already had color on them.

Commercial Stencil Sponges

I also purchased¬†these sponges and a “Smudgee” with the stencils. And they worked great for application on paper. Now to try them with thickened dye on fabric/wool.

Chem Pro Order

I also got an order from Pro Chem. I had made my own gel plate but it just wasn’t as sturdy and didn’t work as well as the Gelli Arts plates. Plus this is a big one at 8″ x 12″. I also got more print paste as I have found that this mixture works better than just sodium alginate. It definitely keeps the color in wool better from printed dye. The last item is Color Magnet. You print or screen it on white fabric and then dye the fabric. The places that have been printed attract more color. I wanted to see if this will work on felt. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Water Lily Felt

And I did print the water lily stencil on felt. The background felt is a deconstructed screen printed piece. I stenciled with my new Smudgee and screen printing ink which worked great. You just put it over your fingers and dip it into the ink, then stencil with it. I will probably add a little stitching to this and then frame it. So lots of new toys to play with and I’ll be making print paste soon so more printed felt coming up soon.