Hand Stitching


I showed you a UFO that I am working on here. These are the before and after photos of adding the felt pieces. I decided to move forward and applique the felt pieces down with hand stitching. I continued to use a variety of stitches as I had in the background.

I used the same colors of hand dyed thread. It is perle cotton, I think 5 weight.

And here it is a little further along. I still have a quite a bit more to go. The leaves are stitched down with a single line of back stitch down the center so the edges are loose. I haven’t decided how I am couching down the yarns and smaller flower centers. I could use the same colored thin thread as the yarn or I could still use the perle cotton in the thicker thread. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Hand Stitching

  1. It’s coming along nicely. If I’m not sure about which thread to use I just go for the most likely one and unpick it if I don’t like it!

  2. Ruth this is looking really vibrant in terms of colour and with the rich texture of the stitching. I think I’d be tempted to stitch the yarn with the same colour thin thread, allowing the flower & leaves to have all the glory.

    • Thanks Antje, yes, it might get a bit chaotic with a variety of threads stitching the yarn down. Still haven’t gotten to that part yet though so still consideration time available.

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