Order from Sulky and Another Linocut

I got my order from Sulky today. I needed to replace some of my 30 weight cotton threads as I had run out of several colors. And while I was there, I added some thread colors that I didn’t have. How could I resist?

Here’s the colors I got. I know there are a bunch of dark colors but those are the ones I seem to run out of easily. I always need those darker values and don’t seem to have enough. I also ordered some of their Sticky Fabri Solvy. I have used the plain Fabri Solvy quite a bit but I thought this one would be useful for it’s sticky quality. I am planning on trying out some new ideas with this soon.

I worked on this linocut today but didn’t get it finished. These detailed ones take a bit more time to carve. I also worked on some felting today but you will have to take a look at my next post on The Felting and Fiber Studio to see that.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

10 thoughts on “Order from Sulky and Another Linocut

  1. Lovely threads! We’d be very interested to read your review on the sticky fabri solvy.

    The carving is very well balanced and so delicate.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the prints from your linocut.
    Threads….why is it we never have quite the right shade! I’ve not come across sticky fabri solvy, so I’ll be interested to see for what and how you use it.

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