Trip to Glacier National Park

We went to Glacier National Park this past weekend. It’s about a 45 minute drive from our house and I wanted to check out the wild flowers.

Several years ago I found this patch of Mountain Lady Slippers. These are a wild orchid and this is the biggest patch of them I have ever found. They are right by MacDonald Lake Lodge but I bet the majority of people walking by never even see them.

I found a few more flowers and then I went looking for trillium. They are usually on the path at Avalanche Creek but the problem is that there is a wooden walkway and you aren’t supposed to go off the trail. So I have a really hard time getting a good photo.

Here’s the best photo I could get and it’s a little blurry. But I did get to see them. I don’t have any trillium around my house.

I also took the obligatory bark photos. I must have thousands of these by now.

Here’s the “famous” Avalanche Creek photo. So much water rushing through at this time of year.

And here are Symphony and Dennis on the board walk. It was a great day!

16 thoughts on “Trip to Glacier National Park

  1. Hello Ruth from Bellingham. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures, I especially love the Mountain Lady’s Slippers. It looks like you had a very nice adventure. See you in September! JP MacConnell

    • Hi JP! I love the wild orchids too. I’m always excited to find them. I have been using wildflowers for inspiration for some studies for class. I am sad we aren’t meeting next week but will be excited to see everyone again in September.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen these flowers, they are all lovely. I love looking at bark, too. There are so many different textures. It looks as if Dennis is doing better.

    • You’re welcome Marilyn! One of my favorite spring activities is finding as many different wildflowers as I can. Some are more difficult to find especially the wild orchids.

      Dennis is definitely feeling better and is now able to use his arm a bit.

    • Thanks Jifke! The wild ones always look a bit different than the cultivated ones. I don’t have the yellow violets by my house. Just the white and purple ones.

  3. Thank you for sharing your day out – Avalanche Creek looks beautiful. The lady slippers are very aptly named and who isn’t fascinated by bark?
    Lovely photo of Dennis and Symphony!

  4. The lady slippers are beautiful. I saw some at the NY Botanical Garden a few weeks back – so they must have a prolific range. Any recommendations for an upcoming first time trip to Glacier? (Two able-bodied and two decrepit people – staying in St. Mary for three nights) I booked a boat tour of St. Mary Lake. Otherwise winging it. Apparently no restaurants take reservations?

    • Thanks polloplayer, yes, I think that lady slippers have a very wide range of areas where they grow. They might be slightly different varieties but I’m no expert. I just enjoy them.

      You are staying on the east side of the park and I usually am on the west side of the park so I am not sure on restaurant reservations. You should check out the Many Glacier area. There are numerous hiking trails which would work for the able bodied people and the decrepit people could sit on the deck of Many Glacier hotel and enjoy the lake. You want to check out the full length of the Going to the Sun Road. You could do that in your own car or you could take a red bus tour. With the red bus tour, you will get information from the driver as you go along and everyone can see the amazing views. If you drive yourself, the driver won’t get to see much. There is also a free bus service you can take but it is crowded and has long waits in July and August.

      If you get a chance, come to Whitefish and visit. I have a store there called The Purple Pomegranate and I’d love to say hello. Hope the info was helpful!

      • Thank you for the tips! Red Bus tours all filled up but we are doing a Sun Bus. Love the idea of the Many Glacier Hotel visit – thank you. Hoping to make it to Whitefish – will look you up if we do!

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