Purple Carrots Print

I was busy this weekend with University of Montana Grizzly Football and Homecoming. I am not an alumni but it is still a fun weekend. Didn’t get much fiber art done except for making the usual felted cat toys during the two hour car trip down to Missoula.

Purple Carrots

I have framed a bunch of my eco prints that I embellished. I took photos of all 6 but the only photo that turned out was this one. This is the purple carrots print, I added Tombow pen, watercolors and colored pencil. I will try again on the photos of the others and post them later.

8 thoughts on “Purple Carrots Print

  1. How in the heck do you felt cat toys while in the car?
    I found some purple carrots this weekend and I’m looking forward to playing with them!
    I love your print.

    • Thanks Elizabeth!
      I wrap the wool and needle felt it in place. Then I stick the cat toy in panty hose, tie them up so I have 18 cat toys in one pair of hose. Then when I get home, I throw it in the washing machine to felt.

      I look forward to seeing how your purple carrots work.

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