Spring Inspiration

It’s a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and it’s finally warming up a bit.

Choke Cherry Leaves Budding Out

I saw these choke cherry leaves started to bud out through the kitchen window and decided to take my camera to look for spring inspiration.

Columbine Beginning to Grow

Here’s the beginnings of one of my columbine plants.

Periwinkle Blooming

And the periwinkle are starting to bloom.

Symphony Enjoying the Sun

Symphony hasn’t decided if she should come help me or just wait on the patio.


Almost a quarter of the daffodils are blooming. I just love the spring time yellow.

Tree Buds

I’m not sure what kind of tree this is but it has white blooms. Love those beautiful, fat buds.

Little Lupine Leaves

Here are some tiny lupine leaves popping out. These get to be about four feet tall by July.

New Growth on Tamarack Pine

And the last bit of spring inspiration is the tamarack or larch trees. They are a deciduous pine tree that loses its needles in the fall and regrows in the spring. I really like that bright, yellow-green of the new growth. What is your inspiration in the spring?

11 thoughts on “Spring Inspiration

  1. It looks as if spring has sprung in Montana. Lovely inspiration pics. Spring is slow to come in Illinois, but we’re getting there.

  2. Nice pictures, Ruth! I love Spring as much here in SC as I did growing up in Ohio. Well, maybe a little more relief was in my thoughts in Ohio. But we had a colder than average winter here – no nearly as cold as yours, but it’s all relative! I have a few Azaleas in bloom along with a lot of perennials coming up. I just might take a few pictures tomorrow. You have inspired me!

  3. Nice photos! It is always joyful when Spring arrives, especially so this year after such a brutal winter. Tree buds,
    tiny flowers, any green growth–they all inspire me to create art.

  4. I adore spring and your photos are lovely! Spring is inspiring because it’s all about re-growth and it nudges you to get up and get on.
    It’s a perfect spring day here – blue sky, warm sun and gentle breeze – unfortunately I’m stuck indoors at my place of work for most of it but I can still enjoy it through the window.

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