Mixed Media Iris

Last week I showed you my iris piece and asked for suggestions. I got some good ones and added more layers this week.

Iris Mixed Media

Here’s what it looked like last week. The orange/red was just too over powering. I had suggestions to add more detail to the iris to make it more of a focal point as well as to add some darker shades of green.

Mixed Media Iris

So I added another layer of green paint mainly over the red/orange. You can still see it, but it isn’t overpowering.

Close Up of Iris

I also added some white to the iris with a white gel pen. I drew in a vine with leaves with dark green gel pen. Not really sure I like it but I think it is finished. I will put it away and look at it later with fresh eyes. Perhaps it will grow on me. I actually like the cropped version of it better than the whole piece.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Media Iris

  1. What a difference! I love the detail in the Iris and the muted orange. Yes, the cropped version really focuses on the Iris!

  2. It looks much better, I like the orange peeking through still, gives it a nice pop. My humble opinion is that the dark of the iris needs to be balanced out in the composition with some more dark of the same value else where. Maybe when it comes out again you may consider. I am a great fan of putting works away when they are not working. It can sometimes take me months to get back to them, but I usually do and find an answer to the issue. It is these problem paintings that teach us so much. Karen

    • Thanks Karen. I actually have added something else already that does add the darker value and sort of crops the iris at the same time. I’ll show it on my next post. You do learn a lot from “problem” paintings.

  3. What a difference! I like the uncropped – the background is both pretty and interesting, and the position of the iris is good, but the iris does need a little something to ‘anchor’ it to the background.

    • Thanks Lyn – I have already added something else. I should have given it a bit more time as I don’t like the new addition and I’m not sure how I can fix it. I will show it on Friday.

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