A Wealth of Goodies

I recently got a couple of gift cards for my birthday and I ordered some art supplies.


I got screen printing ink, dye-na-flow paint, fiber reactive dyes, soda ash and several sets of marker pens.


I decided I needed to paint a few background pages for my sketchbook. I used greens because I am going to be using the wild flower photos that my sister took while she was here as inspiration.


Then I decided I wanted to try out the inks with some mono printing. I put the ink on a piece of glass, used a Q-tip to draw the design into the ink and then placed my paper on top and rolled it with a brayer.


This one is a ghost print from the print above. I used a piece of the paper that I had already painted green.


Then I tried using the left over ink on the glass to draw on the back of the paper. I had my ancient bird doodle handy so I used that as the design.


Then a few swirls…


and a spiral to finish up. It doesn’t take a lot of ink to do these which is nice. You can also use the ink on fabric and heat set it. So I will be trying it out for stamping and screen printing as well. More to come!

8 thoughts on “A Wealth of Goodies

  1. It’s always fun to buy new materials and try them out. My problem is I get distracted too easily and later remember I have these new tools. It looks like fun. I like the idea of using the glass. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Getting a new supply of goodies has all the excitement of a child’s Christmas present pile doesn’t it? I particularly like the ghost print. The real beauty of all the pages you’ve shown is that they are unique – and a bonus is that by playing you’re opening up new creative doors in your mind.

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