Mariposa Lily

I had planned on posting quite a few photos of Montana wildflowers but my internet connection isn’t working well. But I managed to upload 2 photos. My sister has been visiting and she wanted to find as many different Montana wildflowers and take photos of them. So we have been searching all week for different wildflowers. I haven’t created much this week but I did manage one sketch.


This is a Mariposa Lily. They are scattered throughout the woods and I actually see many of these each morning when I walk the dogs.

Mariposa Lily Sketch


I hadn’t really looked at these flowers closely before and it was fun to do a sketch and then add some water color pencils. I always see things in much more detail when I’m sketching and it’s nice to slow down and look closely. Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Mariposa Lily

  1. Must be lovely to see these beautiful flowers during your walks. The sketch is great – and you’re right about the action making you take the detail in.

  2. The flower and sketch are lovely. I have a favorite called an Ironweed. For me it’s a sign of summer and always makes me happy. I’ve taken pictures of them, but haven’t sketched any. That’s a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Someone told me when I was young that you don’t really see an object until you try to draw it. And I still can’t draw! 😉

    But I wonder how many people constantly clicking away with their camera phones really look at the subjects of their photos.

    • Drawing is just a matter of practice. I used to say “I can’t draw” but then I decided I would teach myself. I got several books, did the exercises and kept practicing. It is a learned skill. I think people miss a lot when everything is viewed through a camera (or phone) lens.

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