Waterlilies Exhibition

My class had its opening for our exhibition at The Purple Pomegranate on Thursday, September 5th. We had quite a few people in and some that were quite interested in the work.

Patti's WorkWe had a divider set up, Patti Old’s work on one side and mine on the other. This photo shows some of Patti’s work.

My WorkAnd here’s my work on the other side.

Lynette and Nancy's WorkThen in the back corner, Nancy Drake’s work was on the left and Lynette Barne’s work was on the back wall.

Nancy's WorkHere’s a bit better photo of Nancy’s work.

Lynette's WorkAnd Lynette’s work. We had our notebooks and stitched books laid out on the tables so people could look through them.

Chatting with VisitorsThere was quite a bit of chatting about the work and how it was made.

Lynette and CharleyThe husband’s were all at the exhibition as well. This is Lynette talking to Charley, Nancy’s husband.

Dick Enjoying the ShowAnd this is Dick, Patti’s husband.

Dinner at My HouseThe night before the exhibition, I had everyone over to the house for dinner. We had a great time and it was so much fun to see everyone again.

11 thoughts on “Waterlilies Exhibition

  1. A lovely exhibition and great cameraderie! it had to feel good to see all your hard work displayed so nicely along with your collegues. Congrats!

    • Thanks Lyn – it didn’t take too long for set up as we all just did our own section. It always surprises me how some people come and then just barely glance at the work. But there are others who take their time and appreciate the work.

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