Continued Painting Plus a Gift

I am still working on my homework from my Color class with Gail Harker. I finished the small notebook of color schemes and painted more scales.

Color Scheme NotebookThis is the small color notebook which is 6″x 6″.

Front Page Color SchemesThe color schemes are based on a book by Johannes Itten.

Dyad Sample


There are dyads, triads, tetrads and hexads and I have painted pages for all the different possibilities. Some I painted twice because the first effort wasn’t good.

Tetrad SampleI really enjoyed painting these as it is always interesting to see how the pages turn out. Once you get up to 4 and 6 colors it is difficult getting all the colors on such a small page without it turning to mud.

More Color ScalesHere are the various scales that I painted today drying. Most of these are tints to shades (adding white and black). I still need to do more of the mixing complementary color scales. I have most of the homework completed but I still have to organize the other notebook. It was a great class and she does offer it online if you can’t make it to La Conner, Washington. Β When I finished painting, my husband brought me a “gift”.

Bark with LichenHe found this outside. It’s bark with lichen. He said “I figured you’d like this better than a dozen roses.”

Close up Bark with LichenDoes he know me or what??








11 thoughts on “Continued Painting Plus a Gift

  1. I am doing these same studies, only using fabric instead of paint. Quite a challenge with fabric as you are dependent on what is on the shelf, unless you dye your own. This is turning out to be a really good study.

  2. What a thoughtful husband. Does he read your blog? :- ) Great color explorations. Looks like fun. It is always interesting to keep learning. Have fun!

  3. The colour studies are gorgeous, I’d love any of those as paintings πŸ™‚
    The bark and lichen is excellent too!

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