Feeding the Birds

I worked most of the day today on more color homework. I painted rectangular tetrad and hexad color schemes. I also sanded some more boards for the yurt walls. The sanding is taking a really long time. I will be posting a yurt update on the Felting and Fiber Studio site on Monday. But I thought you might like to see what was eating the bird seed I put out in front of our house. I put a cup of sunflower seeds into the feeder in the front flower bed. I had noticed that the seeds were disappearing quickly and I mean gone. There was nothing left in the feeder and usually there are shells scattered all over it when the birds eat it. I didn’t think much about it and kept filling it up. Then the other day, I found this intruder eating the seeds. She posed nicely for photos.









The seeds are all gone now 🙂

8 thoughts on “Feeding the Birds

  1. Great pictures. Our thieves are 13 line ground squirrels, certainly not as obvious! Enjoy your color and sanding work as well as the scenery.

  2. I saw a snippet of a tv show recently that pointed out that bears love bird feeders too, and will go to great lengths to climb trees to get to the seeds. You don’t think of these things when all you really want is to watch some pretty birds. I don’t even bother with bird feeders because of the squirrels. Such a pretty garden; I guess you’re lucky the deer haven’t eaten all the flowers. The combo of deer and flowers does make a pretty photo!

  3. The bears have never bothered the bird feeders, knock on wood. The only flowers that I plant are deer resistant and most of the time, the deer won’t come near most of the flowers I have planted.

  4. Great photos! I don’t get anything that exciting in my garden, we mostly get pigeons and magpies in the garden, and the occasional squirrel. I sometimes see a hedgehog at night, too 🙂

  5. I really hope to see those pink flowers in your sketching! They’re gorgeous! Plus I could see you working that deer into your artwork! 🙂

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