Green Fiber Transformed

Or perhaps I should say permutated? My friend Deb told me that she was impressed with my “50 cent” word “Permutations” but that it sounded just like me. Thanks Deb! Anywho, I have been turning the dyed fibers into batts. This is one of my favorite parts. I love those nice fluffy batts when they come right off the carder. These have merino wool, silk noil, banana fiber, Tencel, flax, cashmere and angora fibers.

Green Batts


I added in some reds and pinks to liven up the greens a bit. I can’t wait to see how these look when they are felted.

Batt Close up


The close up photos just didn’t turn out well. I need to work out this macro business on my camera.

3 thoughts on “Green Fiber Transformed

  1. The batts and results of the dyeing session look great, Ruth. As for the macro setting, it works just like any other camera setting for taking fibre photos… you have to take 50 to get one that isn’t blurry 😉

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