Another Machine Cut Back Applique

I started the last piece I need to complete for my stitch homework. It is another machine applique that is based on an inspiration. I found an interesting photo in Tafoni, a book that has the coolest photos in it. I loosely based my design on the photo and chose some fabric. I tried to get fabric that had a variety of values so when I cut back around the machine stitching, that there would be a noticeable difference.

Here is my stack of fabric. The top piece has much more yellow in it than this photo shows. I started by basting all three layers together.

Here you can see the different colors of fabric that I chose. That middle deep purple fabric is from my friend Vicki, she dyes beautiful fabric.

Here’s the book about tafoni. These are the holes that are worn into rocks by weather etc. I never knew this is what those holes were called but I’ve always loved them.

Here is the photo from Tafoni that I loosely based my design on. It actually will probably look nothing like this when I get done.

Here is what I’ve done so far. I am going to add more stitching as I really want to get the feel of the horizontal lines going through the rock in the photo. Somehow, the back fabric doesn’t really thrill me. That is the one on the top. But perhaps with more stitching, I’ll like it better.

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