Wool Gathering

Today we drove to Florence which is about 3 hours from us to buy 200 pounds of wool for the yurt project. Once we got the wool on the trailer, we then took off for Hall, Montana to drop the wool off at the fiber mill. I’m just going to do a quick post tonight but I’ll do a more extensive post over on the Felting and Fiber Studio site next week.

 Here we are pulled up to Suzanne’s house in Florence to pick up the wool. It was all stored inside that white trailer.

 Here is one of her sheep. I’ve forgotten his name but most of the wool that I got for the yurt is that lovely brown color. I think he is a Targee. Suzanne informed me that this is Raven and he is a black welsh mountain sheep! Thanks Suzanne.

 Here I am in front of the wool mill with all the wool piled up in the back of the trailer. It was windy and cold but we got it all loaded inside and weighed. They are going to wash it and card it into 4″ batts for me.

This is the mill that I took the wool to in Hall, MT. Ed and Sue were very nice and Ed took the time to show me the big carding machine and a felting machine that he made himself. I’ll post about those soon. Dennis even took another video of the carding machine running. It took us 12 hours from when we left home until we got back again. We should be able to go back and pick up the carded batts by mid May. I can hardly wait to get them back.

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