Machine Stitched Book Pages

Today I started working on my machine stitched book that I am making for homework for my last Level 2 Stitch Class. I finished two pages. The book needs to be 5 pages long so I have three more pages to make and then the binding. I also added a bit more dark red to my painting from yesterday.

 Here is the first book page. It is a combination of automatic machine stitches worked in patterns. These pages take a long time due to all the starting and stopping.

Here is the second book page. This one has the holes cut out first and then you stitch through lines across the piece right through the holes. Then I edged it with satin stitch. It looks a little wonky but it sort of turned out as I expected.

Here is the leaf painting again. I added another coat of red to the background. It is slightly darker than the photo shows. It is so hard taking a photo of red. The camera doesn’t seem to know where to focus. I also made a short video of my bead book. I am going to try and edit the video and post it on the Felting and Fiber Studio site tomorrow. Hopefully that won’t be too painful!

One thought on “Machine Stitched Book Pages

  1. Your stitching is amazing Ruth, the one with the holes in it looks very delicate. I love the look of the leaf painting and cant wait to see the finished piece. If i ever get time to myself i'm looking forward to starting mine lol

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