Traveling Art Kit

I am off to Richmond, VA and then to Philadelphia, PA today. I am going to the Buyers Market of American Craft to shop for new stuff for the store. I packed up a couple of sewing projects and my traveling art kit to take with me.

 This is my art kit. It includes watercolor crayons, ink pencils, colored markers, black markers, a pen, double sided tape, glue, pencil sharpener and a water brush. I just noticed that my pencil isn’t in there. I better go put that in! It all fits in the magenta zipper bag.

 Then I take my studio journal and I have some photos of plants and flowers that I will make sketches of as I have free time. I might only get a couple done but it’s good to have photos of something to draw in case you don’t feel like drawing airports.

And my stitch projects go in zip lock bags with my needle case, small scissors and the threads that go with that specific project. I will be finishing the applique I showed you yesterday. The blue/green bag is an ongoing Kantha stitch project that I have been periodically stitching while traveling. It is a very slow work in progress. I have never had a problem taking my needles and small scissors on the airplane through security. Hopefully that won’t change.

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear your comments so please let me know what you think.

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