Homework Complete

I finished all my homework for my stitch class! Whoopee! Today I cut out the painted felt from last week. We will be making machine stitched books with these pages. I also cut out some 50 weight Pellon interfacing for another book construction in our last class. Then since I was finished with my homework, I thought I’d play a little bit and make some cards with fabric collage.

 Here’s my ten pages of felt, they are 4 1/2 x 7 inches.

 This is the first card. I used some fabric that was rusted and then shibori dyed. The blue fabric is a batik that has been painted and sun printed.

 I am planning on adding hand stitching to these and then I’ll probably machine stitch the fabric to the card.

 The little bits of felt are some that I found in my felt scraps.

 I think that the felt is actually more of a prefelt but I can’t remember when or why I made this felt.

 It will be interesting to see how stitching will change the design.

I have no exact plans for the stitching at the moment. I plan on just going with the flow.

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