Daily Dose of Fiber – Day 26

Today I cut out my felt applique and got it ready to stitch and painted some acrylic felt.

 First, here are hubby’s slippers with their bottoms of spray-on Plasti Dip.

 This was much easier than trying to brush it on and the edges look professional. They are now water proof and I think will last much longer than without it. I highly recommend this product for slippers. No affiliation, I just like how it works.

 Here is the blue felt with fusible ironed to the back. I traced the pattern on to the fusible backing paper.

 You can see it a little better here. I cut it out carefully so I could use the positive and negative images.

 Here’s the negative image. I put it on a piece of orange prefelt to show you how it will look. Unfortunately, the prefelt isn’t big enough. I’ll have to make another piece of felt to go with this one.

 Here’s the one I’m going to stitch. It is fused down on to the red felt. After stitching it down, I will couch a cord around the applique. I have to find some and decide what color to use.

 Then I painted some acrylic felt with Dye-na-Flow paint.

 You have to get these really wet and use a lot of paint otherwise the paint just sits on top of the felt.

I need the felt for my next session of Level 2 Stitch class. We will be making books using the sewing machine with these. 

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