DDF – Day 21

This makes three weeks of A Daily Dose of Fiber and I’ve managed to post every day about my fiber activities. So how long does it take to form a habit? I think it’s longer than 21 days but I’m moving in the right direction. The exciting news today is that I finished the binding on the bead book!

Here’s the binding. I added a bead between each knot. This made this edge more like all the other beaded edges and it also helped to give space between each page.

 I like how it turned out but I think I should have done one more row on each end that was 1/8 inch in from the edge. The other stitches are 1/4″ apart. The edges are really heavy and put strain on the binding. But it will have to do.

 Now comes the bad news. As I was doing the binding, beads started falling off. Oh Nooooooo….. One of the fringes on the last page came undone. You can see the pink end of the thread so that means the knot came undone and the fusing of the backing didn’t hold it either. Shoot.

I love how this binding lets the pages lay completely flat when the book is opened. It is well worth the effort to do because the pages turn so nicely.

And more shoddy workmanship! Another knot came untied and beads fell off of this fringe page. This is the original thread that I started with that I didn’t like. I had to replace some of it already and I guess I should have gone back and redone all the white thread. Where is quality control inspection when you need it??

3 thoughts on “DDF – Day 21

  1. this certainly is a labor of love It is beautiful you are to be commended for sticking to such a tedious work. and yes they say 21day to make a conscious change I think after this it has the chance to become habit…

  2. Oh wow Ruth, this truly does look amazing, so much work and i hope you dont have anymore threads coming undone, better send it to me to check it thoroughly for you lol Awesome Work 🙂

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