DDF – Day 9

Still beading away here. This last edging is taking forever. Are you getting tired of seeing the bead book yet?

 It is slow at the store so I had plenty of time to bead today. I managed to get one edge complete on the fringe page. This is taking more time than I had hoped. Of course if I could keep it simple…

 I do like the fringe better with it all filled in. Now only two edges left to go. On a side note, I made an eye appointment today. It is really hard for me to see these little beads and frustrating when I have to take it out because I couldn’t see well enough to do it right. I can see fine without my contacts but have a really hard time with them in. Hopefully, I can get that situation resolved. Getting older is a pain.

I also spent a bit of time today looking up the “Bronze Age”. Our local group is working our way through art history starting in the stone age and working forward. I now have another notebook filling up with art history stuff. It’s been interesting so far. Each of us can look at whatever we want to about the specific age we are studying each month and then we discuss what we learned at our monthly meetings. We are meeting on Friday and we’ll be doing free form crochet. Should be interesting since I haven’t crocheted since I was a child.

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