DDF – Day 7

It’s been a full week and so far, so good. I’ve been working creatively every day and have managed to post every day. How has your week gone?

 I had 10 minutes extra this morning before I went to work so I decided to pick out fabric for my next applique design that needs to be stitched. I’m thinking that the red/orange will be the background and the green the applique pieces.

 Or I could use these two. I like the green better. This will be another shadow applique so a piece of organza will go on top. So the colors underneath need to be pretty strong. Which pair of fabrics do you like?

 Here is the design that I will be using. Hopefully, this won’t be too difficult to cut out.

I did spend a bit of time at work today and added another row of beads around the cabochon. I think that’s it. Now just finish two edges and I’ll be ready to start on the backing of the pages and the binding.

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