Daily Dose of Fiber – Day 5

I’m still plugging along working every day on something creative. Today I worked on several projects, mostly applique homework.

 I finished stitching the needleturn applique aspen leaf. As you can tell from this photo, it doesn’t lay flat. Sigh.

 This is my Broderie Perse sample. I worked on this while we were driving around doing errands. Luckily, hubby drives, as stitching and driving doesn’t always work out well. I needed a better match on the green thread I think.

 Here is the finished aspen leaf. I added a stem with (drum roll, please) stem stitch. The veins are drawn on with colored pencil. I thought further stitching over the leaf itself would emphasize the fact that the fabric was not flat and it would look worse than it does.

This is what I have been doing this evening. The design on the right side is in paper and one that I did in class in November. It’s based on the “eyes” on the trunks of birch trees. I am now cutting out the pieces in felt to do an applique of the design. The cut out felt pieces are on the left. You can see my patterns just above the scissors on the right.This will be a shadow applique with a  piece of organza over the felt. I will have to audition the various colors of organza to see how they affect the black and white design. I’ve gotten quite a bit done this week and I’m happy with my progress. What have you been working on this week?

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear your comments so please let me know what you think.

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