Daily Dose of Fiber – Day One

I’m working today but when I get a few spare moments and no one is in need of me at the store, I do a little stitching. Today I worked on a beaded book that is a homework assignment for my stitch class. I was not particularly excited about beading before I started this book. Every time I have tried to add beads to my work, I don’t like them and usually end up taking them off. This book has been different though, it’s been fun and I actually like the results. I think this is because the book is so small. The pages are 4″x 4″ and therefore the beads aren’t lost on the page. It takes a lot of seed beads to fill up large spaces and even the 4″x 4″ seems big with seed beads.

Here’s the page before I started working today. It’s in a tray to keep the beads contained. I am using Silamide thread which I really like. I tried a cheap thread from JoAnn’s and it was awful compared to the Silamide.

Here’s my tub of beading stuff that I have been taking to work each day. There are some finished pages in the bag that I’ll show you later.

This is the second book page I have done with examples of fringe. The top row is long bugle beads, the second row is “spiral” fringe and the third row which I did today is branched fringe that has been stitched down to the page. I have already done regular branched fringe and I wanted to try out this other method.

The fun thing about this one (it really isn’t fringe) is that you can make it stand up off the page to give extra texture.

I then added a row of looped fringe below that. I think the looped fringe would look better longer but I didn’t have much room left on the page. I started the edging for this page but didn’t get very far. I suddenly got swamped with shoppers down from the ski slopes. Luckily the boss is a nice woman and lets me do what I want. I’ll probably work on this page further at home tonight. I’ll show you the results tomorrow.

What did you do today that is creative? I’d love to hear what you’re working on. If you want more information about A Daily Dose of Fiber check out my post over at The Felting and Fiber Studio.

2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Fiber – Day One

  1. Looks gorgeous Ruth, i can relate to always taking beads off your project i dont know how many times i did that until i stopped trying to make patterns and just placed them at random, that worked so much better for me, cant wait to see this finished little book and looking forward to getting inspired with your daily blog posts I am already 🙂

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