Playing with Shapes

 One of my homework assignments for stitch class is to design with geometric shapes for an applique piece. So I picked out a couple of shapes, cut them out in paper and played with moving the shapes around.

 Here’s one with a black background. This one reminded me of a skull. Not what I had in mind.

 So I tried on a white background. Dull.

I liked this arrangement slightly better.

Taking it off the angle.

 Add a bit more.

 More layers to add more detail.

Move the little black shapes higher?

Adding more of the medium tear drop shapes.

This one isn’t bad. But still kind of dull.

How about adding a few more circles?

Do a little switcharoo?

Move the smaller elements down?

Another switcharoo?

Change out the top element?

It needed something else at the top now.

Let’s start again.

 Hmmm… not much better.

Perhaps I’ll add horns??

 And now a new head?

This is silly.

Maybe add a wreath to the top?

Now we have a silly cyclops.

Add a few circles to make it look less like a figure?

Or just add legs?

Turn the legs the other way?

 Sort of clown like.

 Not much better.

 Hmmm… this is getting nowhere.

Turn the top teardrops over?

 This kind of looks vaguely peacock like.

 What if I put the bigger element on top? I kind of like this one. But I have a hard time with symmetrical designs. Perhaps I should try something asymmetrical?

Now that’s completely different. But do I want to start all over at this point? I don’t think so. Which one do you like? Why? This was a fun exercise and it goes much faster if you don’t stop to take a photo of every single example.

2 thoughts on “Playing with Shapes

  1. I like the peacock one, and picture 12 before you swapped the teardrops and circles. This is where Photoshop would come in handy, you could have all your shapes or pairs of shapes on different layers, then move them or hide them, flip, rotate etc, and just 'Save as' a new version each time :)It looks like you had fun, did you decide on anything yet?

  2. I like number 13 cause that just jumped out at me and your silly cyclops looks like he's ready to hug someone lol that was fun Ruth, what did you decide to use ? xo

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