Felting Retreat

 I’ve finally got a moment to show you the photos from my felting retreat. There were 7 of us all together including Chef Rhonda. Rhonda joined in on some of the projects we did. Jan showed us how to make key chains by wrapping and making beads from yarn. It was a fun project.

 Here’s the start of my key chain. Jan brought all the yarn and the rings. All it takes is yarn, a key ring and a tapestry needle.

 Here’s Paula (I think) wrapping her key chain in preparation for making a bead.

 Here’s my finished key chain.

 And here’s Paula’s.

 Here we are after spreading out at the lodge. Everyone worked on their own projects but their was lots of sharing of supplies and equipment and felting ideas.

 Here’s Rhonda sitting in the sun working on her key chain. Notice the brown shirt.

 This is one of Paula’s projects. She wanted to add cords to a vessel. I already had the yellow cords made so she used those on her vessel.

 Here’s Juliane working on her big pod. She hadn’t ever felted anything this large before.

 Here’s Louise resting after working hard at felting.

 Here’s Jan working on her pod/vessel.

 Here we are taking a break for lunch.

 Here’s Juliane’s pod again after rolling for a while.

 Here’s Jan’s pod. She had a few holes and was a bit disappointed but I like it!

 Jan was also working on finishing up a needle felted figure she had started in a class two years ago. Now she only has to finish his clothing. His name is Bennie and he’s going to be a monk!

 This is Paula’s felted landscape.

 And Paula laying out another piece. Paula was the most prolific.

 Here’s a felted bag that Louise made.

 Here’s Paula’s vessel finished. Looks like it belongs in the sea.

 Here’s her textured piece.

 And this is what I did all weekend. Washed wool and then worked on carding wool.

 I also taught everyone to make felted beads.

 Here’s Julianne’s finished pod drying in the sun.

And remember Rhonda’s brown shirt. She got bleach on it (no potable water at the lodge so you have to use bleach in the dish washing water). She had come out to show us she ruined her shirt. So I showed her how to discharge with bleach and now she had a cool shirt instead of just plain brown. We had a blast and there are plans in the works for next year.

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