Dyeing Day

 I spent most of the day yesterday dyeing 24 scarves to sell at the store. I used Procion MX dyes and actually they were a bit old. The colors were not quite as expected but still nice. I like to use fiber reactive dyes because you don’t have to steam them but I don’t like how much you have to rinse them. The acid dyes are really nice because the dye exhausts and you don’t have to rinse out all that extra dye.  And then of course there is the ironing part…

The other thing I did yesterday was to free motion machine stitch this tree on tulle. I then cut it out and stitched it down to a piece of linen. This is part of my homework for stitch class. We have also been working on “botanicals”, sketching flowers and leaves and then stitching them on the machine. I’ll show you  more soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “Dyeing Day

  1. The scarves are gorgeous colours :)What is making the patterns on them, are they velvet?The tree looks great, too. Looks like there's a lot of work there.

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