Friday’s Dyeing Session

 For my stitch class, I needed to do a dyeing session at home. I usually only use acid dyes since I mainly dye wool and silk. For the assignment I needed to use Procion MX Dyes. So I mixed up a set of dyes and here I am about to start. You can see my color notebook on the left where I was working out different color combinations.

 I dyed a bunch more cotton threads and here they are all rolled up in plastic batching. I did try dyeing some wool thread and using vinegar to soak instead of the soda ash. Ann (Shepherdess) had suggested it. I’ve tried the wool thread with Procion MX before but soaked in soda ash and they don’t turn out very well. But this worked, they aren’t quite as bright as they would be with acid dyes but they still have a lot of color left. Before, I always ended up with very pale colors.

 Here are some of the fabrics that I painted. These will be used for our stitch samples. I dyed linen, muslin, cheesecloth, commercial felt, silk organza, burlap and cotton organdy.

 Here are the threads after rinsing and drying.  I wanted more purples and greens to round out my colors of thread that I now have.

Don’t you just love the colors? The turquoise one at the bottom left is the wool thread. Now I just need to iron all the fabric and wind all the thread into balls.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Dyeing Session

  1. I love everything you've dyed Ruth, the colours are marvellous. Thank you too for the vinegar tip. I haven't dyed wool, as I don't have acid dyes. I've only ever used Procion MX with cotton fabrics, threads, and viscose threads. Good luck with the stitching classes. I'll be watching to see more. Cheers and best wishes for 2012.

  2. Hi Ruth I love to see what your up to with your stitching class and it looks like you had a busy but fun time with this, those colors are gorgeous arent they 🙂

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