November Felting Party

 We had another felting party today. The photo above is from October’s felting party and Paula was making a scarf with pencil roving and winding it around the bubble wrap. She said it took her between 6-8 hours to lay out. She then covered the pencil roving and bubble wrap with plastic and rolled it. Since it was so long, she could only roll one half of it at a time.

 But look at the result! Isn’t it gorgeous? I really like the result but I don’t think I have the patience to make one. Perhaps a smaller one to add to the front of a bag or notebook cover…

The project we worked on today was an idea I had about making nuno felted flowers. I have made lots of felted flowers before but thought it would be interesting to use the wool to hold numerous layers of silk petals together. I made the bottom left, top center and bottom right ones. Paula made the other two. They are really quite easy to make. We used prefelt cut in small circles layered between the petals of the flowers that include a variety of silks as well as some netting. Now to add a pin back and I’ll have several quick and easy nuno felted flower pins.

3 thoughts on “November Felting Party

  1. Wow Ruth that scarf really is amazing isnt it, she has so much patients i dont think i'd dare. Your flowers are gorgeous to and i love all the colors you used Beautiful 🙂

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