Nuno Felting and Dyeing

 I met with my local group on Friday and we started a nuno felted bag. We didn’t manage to get them completed as we ran out of time.

 Here’s Louise straightening out some fiber. The piece with the scraps of silk in the foreground is my bag. Because I went to the Grizzly football game yesterday, my bag is still in the bathtub waiting to be finished.

 Here’s Carole using the sander. She’s trying to hide her face with her camera, what a bad girl you are Carole 🙂

 This is Bunny’s bag. she used silk gauze over the surface of the bag. We all used white merino and we’re perhaps going to overdye these after they’re completed. I will have to show you the completed bags at a later date. Next month, we are going to try encaustic techniques. I’m looking forward to that.

 I also dyed some scarves to sell at the store. This is just a few of them and sorry for the lousy photos. I took these photos this morning and the light wasn’t the best. I still haven’t ironed these so I’ll try and take some better photos after they are ironed.

Here’s two that just would not rinse out. Red/magenta dye just kept coming out. So I let them soak overnight and then rinsed them again this morning. They are drying in the bathroom. I used these pre-mixed dyes I bought at Wally world and the process was really simple. I usually use acid dyes for these but since they have so much rayon in them, the colors always turn out pretty pale and anemic. These dyes provided a much richer color. I like them much better.

The publishers have finished taking all the beauty photos for my book. The manuscript is at the editor and I should be getting proofs to look at sometime in December. It’s really exciting.

I signed up to take Level II Hand and Machine Stitch with Gail Harker and the first session starts December 7th. I finally got word that the class is a go and I’m really excited about going over to LaConner, WA and seeing Gail’s new studio. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Nuno Felting and Dyeing

  1. Hi RuthLooks like you all had a fun day, cant wait to see the bags, the scarfs are gorgeous, hope they hurry up with your proofs for the book, were all excited :)Your Stitch class should be fantastic, i wish we had someone near me that i could do a class with but we dont so i'm going to do another on-line one shortly. Have fun 🙂

  2. Hello RuthI hope you enjoy the Hand and Machine Stitch – lucky you!The scarves look good despite your protestations about the poor photos and I can't wait to see the bags.

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