Floral Linocut

I finished the floral linocut I was working on. Now I have one more to complete of an aspen tree and I will be ready to finish my layered prints.

Here is the linocut completed. I inked it with blue ink and tried a test print to see if I needed to carve out more of the background.

Here’s the test print. I did carve a bit more from around the stems of the flowers but there will still be some background “noise” with the prints. I am really looking forward to finishing these. It’s taken me longer that I would have liked due to my work schedule being thrown for a loop but I will get there eventually. How is your summer going? It’s finally warmed up here and we’re enjoying some sunshine.

Buds Linocut

I finally had a day off from working at the store today. Yay! So I got a little carving done on my linocut blocks which have been patiently waiting for me to get back to them.

This is the budding branch that I had started on. I decided to trim around the shape instead of leaving it a rectangle. I will have to print with this to see how it holds up before I carve the others. I just tried inking it up with a blue stamp pad to see how it worked. I didn’t have time to do a full printing session.

Here’s a very light print. I carved more out around the edges to have less of the extra lines. I like a bit of texture in the background but this seemed like too much. It is so nice to have a day to work on art again. I am looking forward to finishing two more of these blocks and then having a session of printing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

Second Layer of Lino Block Printing

I carved the rest of the four lino blocks I was working on. These are for the second layer of printing.

I started with printing this one. I should have printed each block with white and then moved on to other colors but I didn’t do that. I like the white over the darker ink colors.

Then I moved on to this block. Once I put in the red to make orange with the ink, that was about all I could do without cleaning everything off.

Here’s the third design, as you can see the orange was about it. I made it darker and lighter but it didn’t change the end result much.

This is the last design based on rings in tree stumps. The bottom left one is printed over a piece of watercolor paper that has a light wash. I wanted to see how that would look as a background. The rest of the paper I used is printmaking paper. It is much smoother than the watercolor paper and gives a better print.

Now I need to do some more carving for the next layer of printing. I will probably print these in black over top what is already printed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.